25 metre Pool with Movable Floor Provides Variable Benefits

Wrightfield Pools have nearly completed a 25-metre pool for Christchurch City Council in New Zealand. The QE II Park’s sport...

Moving Pool Floor – Moving with the Times

A moving pool floor is a great feature that can be retrofitted to an existing pool or built from scratch for a new facility. The modern invention affords owners and users a number of very useful benefits, as we discuss in this post.

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools – Options Available at Wrightfield

Luxury indoor swimming pools bring all the usual enjoyment of a regular indoor pool but with an extra touch of class and elegance. As an expert swimming pool manufacturer, we offer a number of great options for those looking into the idea of owning a luxurious indoor swimming pool. Read on for more information.

Moving Floor Swimming Pool – Uncovering the Hidden Benefits

A moving floor swimming pool represents a fantastic innovation in the recreational water tank arena. The ingenious inventions not only function as fully operational swimming pools but also offer owners a number of valuable benefits, as we elucidate in this post.